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Extreme with Strap Best

Ages 10+ Triple Density Mouth Guard (With Strap)

Ages 10 & above. $15,000 dental injury warranty.

$9.00 / 2-Pack

$9.00 / 2-Pack
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Push the limits with the Extreme

Made in the USA, the Extreme is a triple density mouth guard for ages 10 and above. The Extreme prevents tooth damage from the most common types of sports blows, those that originate from the top of the head or underneath the chin, and stays in place even during the toughest trials. The strap can be hooked to a helmet to keep the mouth guard handy while not in use. Its minimal design makes it comfortable and easy to talk with. The Extreme comes with a $15,000 dental warranty.

Product Features:

  • Triple density – three layers for extreme protection
  • Made in the USA
  • Strap
  • Bite and boil fitting method for a custom fit
  • Comes in green/black combo

Built to fight. Built to protect. Built to Shield.

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